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Dear valued customers: Thank you for your enquiry about our classic auto parts, however… SOUTHERN HEMI ® ADVISES THAT WE ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED until the 29th of May 2018. We apologise for any Inconvenience.

NO NEW ORDERS CAN BE RESPONDED TO UNTIL THEN. However, if you can wait… Please feel free to email us your list of parts required as below but: NO NEW ORDERS WILL BE PROCESSED UNTIL WE RE-OPEN.

Thank you kindly for your patience.


(Based on the Central Coast NSW, Australia)


~ Finally made available by consistent popular request on our 'SHOP' PAGE! 

"Ask a Guru" RESTORATION & PARTS HELP LINE available in Pre-paid blocks of just 5 Minutes at a time!

SV1, AP5, AP6,VC, VE, VF, VG 
"EARLY" model
Chrysler Valiant parts 

Our rare Valiant VG Regal 770 sports/luxury 2 door pillarless Hardtop
Original factory 'Hi-Performance HEMI 6 cyl.  Factory Tachometer, Floor Console, Slap Stick Auto, Chunky Buffallo grain upholstery, Front Anti-Sway bar etc.  
This classic "Movie Car" also appeared in 

The 1st Aussie Muscle Car Nats DVD!  at Mt Panorama Bathurst.
And is based on the legendary US Dodge Dart. 

(For the "Later" VH-CM model 1971-1981 Chrysler Valiant parts Select the "Late" Chrysler Valiant parts List from the Web PAGE TABS on the top left or click this text)

Australian CHRYSLER VALIANT PARTS 40 year collection FOR SALE!   (Most of our used parts are way better than others now as they have been stored away for at least 25-40 years!)


And ...YES!  We regularly Post to New Zealand etc.
(For the larger items or Heavier International items over 20 kg: We can provide full details of our great value on-line Courier Broker so you can easily book it yourself.)  




Best to EMAIL US your list of  Chrysler/Valiant/Dodge Parts wanted, and include your exact vehicle Model, Year, Engine size, Transmission type etc in the Heading. Then we will have a look for you, and will email you back with full details once we have sorted your parts. (Provide your Delivery address including Suburb, Post code and State for a Total)                   


CONTACT: 24/7 

 Or Ph:  0431 183 886 (Between 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Sydney time, most days)

(You will get a much better response VIA EMAIL for parts enquiries) 

Many other parts also available but still haven’t been listed at this stage as much is still stored away in boxes awaiting stocktaking, so feel free to just ask...

KEEP SCROLLING DOWN FOR the PARTS for sale LIST: (35 year private collection of  Australian Classic Chrysler Spares) Updated here below as an exhaustive stocktake is undertaken in continual stages as we get time so... CHECK BACK REGULARLY TO VIEW THE LATEST UPDATES! 


BODY and related

NEW CHRYSLER/VALIANT Full BODY WEATHERSEAL RUBBER KITS  We have all models available, but most haven't been listed here yet.  Please just enquire for a price on your particular model via the email address above in this list where it says: "CONTACT"


· NEW Chrysler Valiant VF VG 2 door HARDTOP BODY WEATHERSEAL / RUBBER KIT $1,539.00










2 x WINDSCREEN SEALANT 520g Large CARTRIDGE (Correct Mastic for classic cars)

SET of 8 standard DOOR Window WEATHERBELTS 

OR: Upgrade to SET of 8 Premium DOOR Window WEATHERBELTS STAINLESS STEEL Backed version similar to original.  Add $149.00 extra (Recommended)














1 x WINDSCREEN SEALANT 520g large CARTRIDGE (Correct Mastic for classic cars)




NEW Chrysler/Valiant Body Rubber INDIVIDUAL Weatherseals

We have all models available, but most haven't been listed here yet.  Please just enquire for a price on your particular model via the email address above in this list where it says: "CONTACT"


· NEW Chrysler Valiant VE VF VG Sedan, Wagon, Ute FRONT Windshield/WINDSCREEN RUBBER SEAL $189.00

· NEW Chrysler Valiant VE VF VG FRONT MYLAR LOCK STRIP $34.00
CHROME style to suit Sedan, Wagon, Ute, VIP FRONT Windscreen windshield Rubber seal. (Black pacer style also available for same price) 

· NEW Chrysler Valiant VE VF VG REAR MYLAR LOCK STRIP $34.00
CHROME style to suit Sedan, Wagon, Ute, VIP REAR Window/Windscreen windshield Rubber seal. (Black pacer style also available for same price)



· NEW Chrysler Valiant VF-VG 2 door HARDTOP 'coupe' FRONT Windshield/WINDSCREEN RUBBER SEAL $155.00



· NEW Chrysler Valiant VF-VG 2 door HARDTOP 'coupe' REAR Windshield/WINDSCREEN RUBBER SEAL $179.00



· NEW Chrysler Valiant VF-VG 2 door HARDTOP 'coupe' 10 piece Front AND Rear Windshield/WINDSCREEN MOULDS CLIPS SET $110.00




 .  NEW SET Valiant R, S, AP5, AP6, VC DOOR APERTURE SEALS/pinchweld trims $198.00 (4 piece SET)

.  NEW Chrysler Valiant AP5, AP6 Sedan BOOT / TRUNK Rubber SEAL $69.50

.  NEW Chrysler Valiant VC Sedan BOOT / TRUNK Rubber SEAL $69.50

.  NEW SET  DOOR APERTURE SEALS/pinchweld trims VE, VF, VG valiant sedan, wagon $198.00 (4 piece SET)

·  NEW VE, VF, VG valiant sedan, wagon, ute FRONT QUARTER/1/4 VENT WINDOW GLASS/wing/light MOULDED RUBBER SEALS $179.00 per Pair/SET   (We are currently taking pre-paid orders for these premium quality seals as we are about to have them made) Please express your interest. 

.  NEW Chrysler Valiant VE, VF, VG Sedan BOOT / TRUNK Rubber SEAL $69.50


Also available:










 .  NEW Chrysler Valiant AP5, AP6 HEADLIGHT BEZELS/SURROUNDS $499.00 the PAIR or $289.00 Each side.
Finally Premium quality Reproductions, made in Australia! 

1963, 1964, 1965 AP5 & AP6 Australian Chrysler Valiants 
American 1964, 1965 Plymouth-Valiant and Barracudas, also Signets.

Finally!  High Quality 
Reproductions pressed in Alloy as per original, including original style fitting clips Kit.  Definately the closest to the factory originals & best ever made available to date by far!  
Fits all 1969, 1970, 1971 VF and VG models.

 · Seat belts, Factory original webbing & style, limited range, fair to good condition from $19.00   Disclaimer: for "Display purposes only" (Never before available!)    

  ·  AP6, VC Window Regulator assemblies, factory original, good working condition $45.00 each for rears or $55.00 for front passenger LH (No RH drivers ones left now)


 · REAR DOOR HINGE assemblies, factory original, only best, low klms/excellent condition ones kept (stored for decades) from just $19.00 each!      


 Badges-Various, genuine/original (just email us your requests) from $25.00 Each



·  Used/Genuine VE, VF, VG  V-A-L-I-A-N-T  Letter Badge SET for Hood/Bonnet, Bootlid/Trunklid and, Tailgates on Valiants.  $49.00  Good condition for age



.   AP5, AP6, VC, Valiant exterior Door Handles, good condition for age, just $44.00 each 


.  NEW replacement BOOT LOCK with keys. R, S, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG Chrysler/Valiant.  Original style set.  All models $75.00


 ·    Valiant tailight assemblies from $49.00 each


  .  NEW exact reproduction Chrysler/VALIANT Hood/BONNET top MASCOT/Emblem/ORNAMENT $85.00 each  (AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG, VH, VJ, VK Valiant/Regal and V8)


 . Chrysler/Valiant VE Regal, VIP top BONNET/HOOD MOULDING "Spear" $139.00 (LAST ONE now!)

Maybe also suit other Early Valiants?  Takes top Ornament.  

These are not available new anywhere and are in big demand now and very scarce.  We noticed a used one recently sold on ebay for $500.00   Our parts have been stored away for many decades unused. Genuine Australian Chrysler/Valiant Bonnet/Hood Moulding and has a kind of styled narrow ‘groove’ or ‘slot’ on top. This hood moulding could also be re-chromed if desired at some stage down the track.


These Part Number A2794456 Hood Mouldings were used on 1967-1968 VE Regal and VIP etc that had a flat hood centre. It measures 21.5 Inches or just under 55.0 Centimetres long and is designed to have a Regal, Valiant or V8 Emblem fitted to the front.
We have the, matching, exact reproduction Chrysler/Valiant Top Hood/Bonnet Mascot/Emblem/Ornament Hood/Bonnet NEW Mascot also available seperately at $85.00 each.




 ·   Valiant VE, VF, VG BUMPER BARS and brackets.  Very Good condition for age & better than most nowadays as stored for 25-30 years.  $195.00 to $575.00




 · Chrysler Valiant VF-VG 2 door HARDTOP 'coupe' WINDOW REGULATORS  Genuine, Good Condition for age as stored away unused for nearly 30 years!  $145.00 each




  · Chrysler Valiant VF, VG 2 door HARDTOP drivers side DOOR LATCH/lock MECHANISM  Genuine, Good/Excellent Condition for age as stored away unused for nearly 30 years!  $89.00 each 


 Chrysler Valiant genuine,  very good/used FRONT side door ¼ /QUARTER Glass FRAMES (Various models)




 · Chrysler Valiant VF-VG 2 door HARDTOP 'coupe' VF 2 door Hard Top ‘coupe’ genuine, good/used/useable LH Front side door ¼ /quarter glass FRAME WITH RUBBER SEAL included $159.00 each



 · Chrysler Valiant VF-VG 2 door HARDTOP 'coupe' genuine, good/used/useable RH Front side door ¼ /quarter glass FRAME WITH RUBBER SEAL included $159.00 each





 ·   AP5-AP6 Valiant genuine HUBCAP, stainless steel, Very Good Condition.  1 only. $34.00



 ·   VG Valiant genuine HUBCAPS, stainless steel, various styles, v.g.c. stored for decades.  From $39.00 each





    Various genuine Used & some NEW (NOS) Chrysler, Valiant, Dodge Phoenix, Plymouth Fury Windscreens/Windsheilds and side glass windows for sale.

Let us know exact model and glass needed & provide an example pic if possible as we have a few unidentified ones.

 SV1 Valiant front quarter vent window glass genuine, good condition  $29.00 each

 ·  VE, VF, VG Valiant front quarter vent window glass genuine, good condition  $45.00 each




· Chrysler Valiant VF-VG 2 door HARDTOP 'coupe'  genuine, good/used/useable RH Rear side ¼ / quarter door GLASS $145.00 each  (Sorry no LH ones at present)





· Chrysler Valiant VF-VG 2 door HARDTOP 'coupe'  genuine, good/used/useable LH Front side door GLASS $149.00 each




· Chrysler Valiant VF-VG 2 door HARDTOP 'coupe' genuine, good/used/useable RH Front side door GLASS $149.00 each




· Chrysler Valiant VF-VG 2 door HARDTOP 'coupe' genuine, good/used/useable REAR WINDSHIELD/WINDSCREEN $195.00 each



NEW Chrysler Valiant Full BODY RUBBER SEALS KITS and individual seal sets available: 

Chrysler Valiant, Dodge, Hunter Windshield rubber seals, Door Belt side window seals, Boot rubber seals, Door aperture pinch weld seals etc etc.




 . NEW Chrysler Valiant R, S, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG  EXTERNAL SUN-VISORS in original SOLID STYLE! $399.00    






.  NEW Chrysler Valiant R, S, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG Interior rear or rear/side VENETIAN BLINDS / Auto Shades in original steel type. Most $299.00 (R-S rear $329.00) 




 · Seat belts, Factory original webbing & style, limited range, fair to good condition from $19.00   Disclaimer: for "Display purposes only"




. NEW EXTRACTORS / Headers suit VG HEMI upright 6 cyl Chrysler Valiant $349.00

. NEW GASKET for Exhaust Extractors / Headers / Manifold suit VG HEMI upright 6 cyl Chrysler Valiant $45.00 each


. NEW EXTRACTORS / Headers suit Slant six 225 6 Cyl Chrysler Valiant AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF $389.00 

 . NEW GASKET for Exhaust Extractors / Headers /Manifold suit Slant six 225 6 Cyl Chrysler Valiant R, S, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF  $45.00 each 


Valiant various exhausts, including a couple of new/ N.O.S GENUINE Chrysler pipes as below. You just don’t get pipes in this thickness or quality anymore (They last for many more years than today’s pipes)  $ various prices


  · NOS Chrysler: VG VIP Hemi 245 6 Cyl 2 Bbl genuine exhaust engine pipe. Pn: 3422746 (pick-up only due to length)  $59.00 



  · NOS Chrysler: valiant VE, VF, VG Slant six 225 6 Cyl 1Bbl (all) genuine exhaust engine pipe. Pn: 3422746 (pick-up only)  $49.00



   · NOS Chrysler valiant: 6 Cyl exhaust engine pipe, probably Hemi  Pn: 3545320 (pick-up only)  $59.00


 . NOS Genuine Valiant EXHAUST TAIL PIPE SUPPORT with INSULATOR- Rear  R, S, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG  GENUINE QUALITY!  $19.00 each






New Old Stock genuine valiant V8 CAST IRON WATER PUMP, Left Hand outlet 273 AP6, VC, VE and 318 VF.  Rare GENUINE USA made CARTER boxed / Chrysler OEM quality! (THE original and BEST ever made!) $195.00 



· NEW VG V8 318 / 5.2 V8 small block ALLOY WATER PUMP to suit Chrysler Valiant  $105.00 


· NEW BIG BLOCK B/RB 361, 383, 400, 440 V8 Cast Iron WATER PUMP to suit Chrysler /DODGE   $105.00 


· NEW SLANT SIX 225 6 cyl WATER PUMP to suit Chrysler valiant RV1, SV1, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, Some VG   $79.00 



· NEW HEMI 215, 245 upright six/6 cyl WATER PUMP to suit Chrysler valiant VG  $79.00 





 NEW TOP / UPPER Radiator HOSE, Chrysler valiant VG HEMI 215 / 3.5 Litre, 245 / 4.0 Litre six /6 cylinder $39.00 Each



 .  NEW BOTTOM / LOWER Radiator HOSE, Chrysler valiant VG HEMI 215 / 3.5 Litre, 245 / 4.0 Litre 215, 245 six /6 cylinder $39.00 Each



 . NOS TOP / UPPER Radiator hoses, Genuine Chrysler valiant V8 VE 273 and VF 318 V8 $29.00 Each




 . NOS TOP / UPPER Radiator hoses, Genuine Chrysler valiant VF V8 318 / 5.2 NON-A/C $29.00 Each (See pic)



NOS BOTTOM /LOWER Radiator hoses, Genuine Chrysler valiant VG V8 318 / 5.2  $35.00 Each 



NEW TOP / UPPER Radiator hoses, Chrysler valiant VG 318 / 5.2 V8  $45.00 Each



NEW BOTTOM / LOWER Radiator hoses, Chrysler valiant 318 / 5.2 VG V8  $45.00 Each 


    NEW VG 318 / 5.2 small block V8 BYPASS coolant HOSE, Chrysler valiant $33.00 Each (Goes between intake manifold/valley and water pump)  


 . NEW BOTTOM / LOWER Radiator hoses, Chrysler valiant VE, 273 / 4.4 and VF 318 / 5.2 V8  $45.00 Each 


  NEW VE, VF 273 /4.4 Litre, 318 / 5.2 small block V8 BY-PASS coolant HOSE, Chrysler valiant $33.00 Each  (Goes between intake manifold/valley and water pump)

NEW TOP / UPPER Radiator HOSE, Chrysler valiant 273 / 4.4 AP6, VC V8  $45.00 Each 


NEW BOTTOM / LOWER Radiator hoses, Chrysler valiant 273 / 4.4 AP6, VC V8  $45.00 Each 

            NEW AP6, VC V8 273 /4.4 Litre small block BY-PASS coolant HOSE, Chrysler valiant $33.00 Each  (Goes between intake manifold/valley and water pump)


 . NOS TOP / UPPER RADIATOR HOSEGenuine Chrysler valiant VE-VF (and some VG) 225 / 3.7 Litre SLANT 6 / SIX  $29.00  Each 

 . NEW BOTTOM / LOWER RADIATOR HOSE suit Chrysler valiant VE-VF (and some VG) 225 / 3.7 Litre SLANT 6 / SIX  $35.00  Each 

 . NEW COOLANT BYPASS HOSE suit Chrysler valiant R, SV1, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF (and some VG)  225 / 3.7 Litre SLANT 6 / SIX $27.00  Each 


 . NEW TOP / UPPER RADIATOR HOSE suit Chrysler valiant AP5, AP6 and VC 225 / 3.7 Litre SLANT 6 / SIX  $35.00  Each 

. NEW BOTTOM / LOWER HOSE RADIATOR suit Chrysler valiant AP5, AP6 and VC 225 / 3.7 Litre SLANT 6 / SIX  $35.00  Each 


 . NEW TOP / UPPER RADIATOR HOSE suit Chrysler valiant R, SV1 225 / 3.7 Litre SLANT 6 / SIX $35.00  Each 

 . NEW BOTTOM / LOWER RADIATOR HOSE suit Chrysler valiant R, SV1 225 / 3.7 Litre SLANT 6 / SIX $35.00  Each  



 · Radiators (suit re-core) Valiant VE-VG Hemi 6, dual core etc from $149.00 each



 . Fully reconditioned VE, VF, VG Valiant Radiators.  Genuine, with Brand NEW dual core from $599.00 outright (No exchange usually required for most)






 ·  Chrysler/Valiant genuine Engine cooling FANS, factory original, good condition for age from $35.00 each


   .  NEW VE, VF only, Valiant HEATER Demister TAP/water control VALVE $124.00






 . NEW valiant 225 slant 6 AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF  FULL ENGINE GASKET SET $139.00 



  . NEW valiant 225 slant 6 AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF VRS GASKET SET $89.00 (These Valve Regrind Sets include the Head Gasket)





  . NEW Chrysler Valiant VG HEMI upright 6 cylinder FULL ENGINE GASKET SET $144.00    Suit 215, 245 six cyl.



   . NEW Chrysler Valiant VG HEMI upright 6 cylinder VRS Gasket SET $89.00 

       Suit 215, 245 sixes  (These Valve Regrind Set include the Head Gasket)


 . NEW Chrysler Valiant VG HEMI upright 6 cylinder BOTTOM END/CONVERSION GASKET SET $112.00
Conversion sets includes gaskets required to assemble the bottom end of an engine - this covers the area of the engine that the VRS / "Top end" kit does not cover.  Note: Rear main seals are not always included in some conversion sets but are included in the FULL Engine gasket Sets. Suit 215, 245 six cyl.


  . NEW Chrysler Valiant VG HEMI upright 6 cylinder Engine SUMP GASKET $59.00

Suit 215, 245 six cyl.




  . NEW Chrysler Valiant V8 AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG 273-318 V8 FULL ENGINE GASKET SET $179.00   Suit LA Small Block V Eight 

. NEW Chrysler Valiant V8 AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG 273-318 V8 VRS GASKET SET $129.00 

       Suit LA Small Block V Eight (These Valve Regrind Set include the Head Gaskets)


. V8 Torque Flite Auto Transmission TORQUE CONVERTER 727 & 904 -Chrysler Valiant Dodge Phoenix.  Most just $75.00 each

MOST take the common 10 tooth V8 Chrysler starter motors.
Genuine Used Chrysler V8 TORQUE CONVERTERS with good useable starter ring gears- To suit 727 TF Trans in 1967-1973 DC DE DF DG Dodge Phoenix LA 318, 383 and Plymouth Fury 400 440 B RB Big Blocks.

Also have a couple of Converters for 904 Chrysler Valiant Torque Flite Automatic Transmissions: 1966-1981  AP6, VC, VE 225 slant six, 273 V8 and VF VG VH VJ VK CL CM CJ CK Chrysler Valiant 318 Small block LA V8.  Currently greatly reduced in price for a limited time as we could use the extra shelf space!


. NEW HEMI 215, 245, 265 Chrysler / Valiant / DODGE~ 3 piece CLUTCH KIT $265.00 outright. 1970-1971 VF, VG (No exchange required!)

. NEW SLANT SIX 225 Chrysler / Valiant / DODGE~ 3 piece CLUTCH KIT $329.00 1962-1970 SV1, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF




 .    NOS VC, VE, VF Valiant Needle and Seat to suit 225 slant 6, 1Bbl/single barrel Stromberg carburetor $29.00   Genuine Chrysler/Stromberg/Bendix. Factory Chrysler Part Number 2798642







 . NEW (NOS) Valiant AP5 225 slant six 6 cyl GENUINE Chrysler HOLLEY Automatic CHOKE DIAPHRAGM ASSEMBLY - Choke Vacuum "pull off control"  $49.95 each 

FITS 1964-1965 Valiant AP5 1Bbl Holley model: '1920' CARBURETTOR ASSYS below:  

Holley R2767A / Chrysler PN: 2463837 and Holley R2887A / Chrysler PN: 2468247 originally fitted to Manual Transmission AP5 models FROM Chassis No. AP5/2-5465 >,  AP5/2W-753 > (Earlier models did not have a choke diaphragm)

And Holley R2768A  / Chrysler PN:
2463838  and Holley R2888A / Chrysler PN: 2468248 originally fitted to Automatic Transmission AP5 models FROM Chassis No. AP5/4-4458 >,  AP5/4W-452 >
, AP5/4H-37 16 >,  AP5/4WH-186 > (Earlier models did not have a choke diaphragm)




·  Valiant Air Cleaner/Air Filter housings.  Factory original, ‘HEMI 245’ etc from $49.00 (Let us know exact model you are after)

 NEW Chrysler / Valiant reproduction FUEL Gauge Petrol TANK SENDER UNITS with seal.  Most $199.00 each.  Fits most AP5, & nearly all VC, VE, VF, VG including VIP (NOT Utes) Improved in Stainless steel!

Does not suit AP6 models due to the different 'Stewart Warner' type fuel gauge used originally.  Some AP5's also had Stewart Warner gauges too.


  . HEMI 215, 245, 265, 3.5 Litre, 4.0 Litre, 4.3 Litre two Barrel / 2Bbl INTAKE MANIFOLD  $74.00. Genuine/used, suit extractors or original factory exhaust manifold (not included) good condition. 


 . NEW slant six/6  Multi 1 Bbl carb Hi -Performance/Nostalgic INTAKE MANIFOLDs etc



Service BRAKES


 . Genuine used AP6, VC, late AP5 valiant Brake Master Cylinder $59.00
   Working fine when removed and stored decades ago. 


 . NOS R, S, AP5 valiant Brake Master Cylinder overhaul/seal kit $25.00 

Suits the Bolt-on lid as used on these Valiant models above.  Original price on this was $69.00 but upon very close examination the full/enclosed cup is too hard/brittle to use now.  We have included another unpictured extra 1” dia genuine New Old/Obsolete Stock Cup from a Val wheel cylinder. The other cup with the hole/unenclosed does have a tiny little nick out of an edge, the rest is all good. So this Kit is now discounted by $44.00.



  NEW / NOS genuine OEM PBR R, SV1, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG Chrysler/Valiant/Dodge  REAR drum BRAKE WHEEL SLAVE CYLINDERS $58.00 per pair.  Hi quality originals, Made in Italy for PBR (NOT Chinese rubbish)


 · Genuine R, SV1, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG Valiant rear 9" dia BRAKE DRUMS in vgc for age from $29.00 each  (stored away unused for decades) These use the early smaller 4" Mopar PCD stud pattern as used on 1971 VG and backwards.


   PARK BRAKE / Hand brake



·    NOS AP5, AP6, VC Valiant Parking/hand Brake intermediate CABLE  $49.00






  .  NEW VG Valiant RECTANGULAR Halogen conversion headlight/headlamp SET/Pair  $159.00  These lights accept park light globes too with some modification to car.  (Check with me first as these rare lights aren't always available)

NEW R, SV1, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF Valiant large 7 inch ROUND H4 Quartz Halogen conversion headlight/headlamp set  $139.00  (These lights accept park light globes too)



·  AP6, VC, Late AP5 Valiant windshield/windscreen WIPER MOTOR assembly.  Tested.  Good working condition for age as stored for decades  $79.00


  . 225 Slant 6 Genuine Chrysler/Bosch Distributor $65.00  Low mileage.  Very good condition for age.   Last one!    (Vac advance may not work)


 · VF-VG (all) Valiant front Indicator/Park lamp/light LENS Genuine/Used assemblies including housings.  Fair to good condition for age $19.00 to $49.00 each depending on Lens condition or up to $94.00 per pair/Set.  (Most include the chrome insert strips in good condition for age as shelved away unused for decades!)  Of course all used lenses do have some hairline-small cracks but once fitted are far less obvious.  Basically we are mainly just charging for the chrome Inserts value these days and are throwing the rest in for free  :)




  · NEW Valiant VC-VE and VF-VG 2 door Hardtop/'coupe' REAR INDICATOR LENSES (fit in  bumper bars) $39.95 Each side  Amber/ORANGE like the original one pictured below)




   . Valiant VC-VE FRONT Indicator/Park LENSES (fit in bumper bars) Genuine/Used. 

Good condition for age $39.95 Each  Same style as pictured above but CLEAR/opaque (NOT amber/orange)


  . Valiant VF-VG 2 door Hardtop/'coupe' Taillight/Brake lamp LENS $79.00 Left Hand only. Genuine/used/ excellent condition, rear ‘all Red’ (stored away unused for decades)


· NEW reproduction Valiant AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG HEADLIGHT / Headlamp SWITCH $89.00 

USED / genuine Valiant AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG HEADLIGHT / Headlamp SWITCH $55.00

· NEW Valiant AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG Headlight / Headlamp floor mounted High Beam DIPPER SWITCH $49.00

·  NEW Valiant SV1, AP5, AP6, VC  Indicator /Turn signal/Blinker Switch assembly  $249.00  (Highest quality OEM factory type with brass horn roller as original) 


· NEW Valiant SV1, AP5, AP6, VC  INDICATOR / Turn signal/Blinker SWITCH Replacement assembly $189.00   


· NEW Valiant VE, VF, VG Indicator /Turn signal/Blinker Switch assembly $219.00  (Highest quality OEM factory type with brass horn roller as original)   


  · NEW Valiant VE, VF, VG Indicator /Turn signal/Blinker Switch Replacement assembly  $179.00  


· Valiant / Regal GAUGES and complete INSTRUMENT CLUSTERS (no tachos) $25.00 to $299.00      

·  NEW Valiant VF, VG INHIBITOR SWITCH/Neutral Starter safety Switch & Reverse Light Switch.  To suit Borg Warner 35 Automatic Transmissions $69.00  (Highest quality direct replacement for 215, 245, 265 Hemi & late VF Slant sixes) 

·  NEW Valiant VE, VF, VG INHIBITOR SWITCH/Neutral Starter safety Switch.  3 pin switch to suit all 904 Torque Flite Automatic Transmissions $49.00  Highest quality direct replacement for Torque Flite equipped cars including early VF 225 with TF trans.  (Will also fit all R, S, AP5, AP6, VC if you customise the wiring slightly)


  Valiant windscreen WIPER WASHER BOTTLE 
VF, VG style. $59.00 
Similar to style pictured.  GENUINE/original/used Chrysler Australia, Good Condition for age nowadays as stored unused for decades.  (No good ready to use motors/pumps left now but New motor kits ones available as below)



  .  NEW Valiant VF, VG Windscreen Washer bottle replacement MOTOR, GROMMET and RETAINING CLIP KIT $79.00  With New original Valiant style reproduction Clip specifically made to suit!





  .  NEW Valiant VF, VG Windshield Washer JETS, RETAINING SCREWS and HOSE Kit. $75.00  High quality reproduction of the original jets and direct replacement for the original items.  Zinc coated, as per original. 



.  NEW Valiant AP6 and VC Windshield Washer JETS, RETAINING SCREWS and HOSE Kit. $75.00  High quality reproduction of the original jets and direct replacement for the original items.  Reproduced from NOS samples, Zinc coated, as per original.     




  ·  Valiant STARTER MOTORS 6 Cyl - Suit Hemi 215, 245, 265, 3.5, 4.0, 4.3 litre or slant six 225  Genuine/original.  Most only $49.99  Complete, lazy/slow working condition to suit overhaul/reconditioning.    Hemi ones include good solenoid  (Let me know if you have 9 or 10 tooth gear) You can often make 1 good one using the parts from one of these & your original one! (Very easy with these Bosch type)  Some individual used starter PARTS ALSO available at same low price ... for just the part needed IF available separately, or a whole starter at just the same price of a single part.  Some buyers may prefer to receive just the part they need where possible to save on postage costs.  # In the Hemi ones.. I mostly have the shorter, later CL/CM model style factory bosch NON-reduction starters left now in the 9 tooth versions.  Or the longer, early VG,VH,VJ,VK style in the 10 tooth reduction style. # 


 .  Valiant Hemi Six / 6 cylinder 215, 245, 265, 3.5, 4.0, 4.3 and litre Slant 6 / Six 225 (and some V8) 9 tooth gear starter motor $379.00  These high quality starter motors are a great straight bolt-in replacement for the factory type starters.  These are much smaller/ compact and produce much more power and also allow extra clearance for custom headers etc.  SUITS Slant 6, Hemi 6, Small block V8 with 148 tooth ring gear.




. NEW Hi-Torque/Light weight gear reduction STARTER MOTOR 10 Tooth gear suit V8 and some sixes. $349.00 These high quality/performance starters suit most Chrysler and Dodge V8 LA Small Blocks 1965-1987 including early Australian Valiant AP6, VC,VE and VF V8 and B, RB Big Blocks etc. 10 tooth gear drive, for Manual gearboxes and Torque-flite 904 and 727 auto transmissions when ring gear has 130 or 122 teeth. Great if you have a small amount of room to fit starter motor with headers etc. More power but smaller size than a factory starter and lighter.





  · Valiant ALTERNATORS, original, used Chrysler 6 cylinder assemblies from $49.00 to suit basic reconditioning or parts (Some just need new bearings fitted)  



   · AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG Valiant/Charger VOLTAGE REGULATORS $45.00 each.
Original/genuine Chrysler/EMAIL type. Used, low mileage.  Stored away for 25-30 years! 



. SplitFire GAUGES and highest quality METAL gauge cups and 1 , 2 or 3 hole mounting panels available made specifically to suit these SplitFire gauges.




 Chrysler/Valiant PREMIUM IGNITION HT LEADS SETS!  SplitFire USA 8mm MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE/Ultimate TWIN CORE Dual firing path! (Ours are at Best Prices/Great value compared to elsewhere!)



. 225 Slant 6 cyl $89.00 per SET 
These leads include long premium quality boots so they fit slant six engines well.


. 215, 245, 265 CID / 3.5, 4.0, 4.3 Litre HEMI 6 cyl $89.00 per SET 


V8 Small Block and Big Block $99.00 per SET. 



(30 day Guaranteed to be the best performing leads set for your Chrysler/Valiant you've ever used!)    





 . Chrysler Valiant SPARK PLUGS Slant six 225, Hemi six cyl 215, 245, 265 and 273, 318, 340, 360, 383, 440 V8 etc $5.00 each.  (Best price in the Mopar scene for these!) Peak' Spark plugs by 'Split Fire' USA. Best For all standard and sports/high performance engines Great value for very good performance and Fuel efficiency! 




The famous ULTIMATE 'SPLITFIRE Maximum Performance/RACE SPARK PLUGS are available too for RACING or HIGHEST street PERFORMANCE possible!   Hint: Check your fuel/air mixture etc after fitting so as to avoid a potential lean condition as these burn extremely more efficiently than any other plugs!









High Energy/ low resistance coil (Suitable for less than 1.5 ohms)

Direct fit old school Valiant style, for modern NON resistor Ignition systems.
(Other types of New Coils also available)

Direct fit, old school Valiant can / cylinder style, for modern NON-Resistor Ignition systems.



 . Used/Genuine Ignition Coils (suit Non-electronic dizzys) original factory items, good working condition $19.00 each


· Used Chrysler Valiant ignition BALLAST RESISTORS $22.00 each


. Electronic Ignition conversion kit for Hemi 215, 245 or 265 6 cylinder $259.00 (Only one left!)
Good Used condition, all or mostly Genuine Chrysler Australia Hemi Electronic ignition components..
Including: Distributor that still has nice tight shaft bushes & working vacuum advance, Electronic Control unit, Electronic style dual Ballast Resistor, Electronic style Regulator, small original under hood electronic ignition Wiring Harness with 5 pin plug. (A higher performance resistor style Coil is required such as original Chrysler Electronic Ignition type or Bosch GT40-R or similar) We can supply a Hi-Performance/matched coil too for $39. extra if required.

NEW Valiant AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, 225 SLANT SIX 
This fits inside your original 6 cyl Bosch distributor in your "Leaning tower of power".  (Instructions included) 

This fits inside your original 6 cyl Bosch distributor in your HEMI.
(Instructions included)

. Hemi 6 cyl Genuine high quality Bosch/Chrysler factory contact Points Distributors, good condition for age, stored for 25 to 30 years! $49.00 to $79.00



. NEW ELECTRONIC IGNITION DISTRIBUTOR. Brand NEW HEI 'ready to run' for small block Chrysler / Valiant 273 318 340 360 etc. $349.00


Includes cap and Rotor Button. These are modern NON-resistor type HEI Distributors so… Everything is in-built apart from the coil, & these run full 12 volts power! So just delete the original ballast resistor, & bypass it by joining the wires back together without it, change to a low Resistance Coil (Like our one below, or even a Bosch GT-40 (NOT GT40-R as the R on indicates an original standard Valiant ‘Resistor’ type coil not suitable for full 12 Volts) Other higher powered transformer coils etc, are also available to suit these.

Just plug in the 2 dissy wires (negative & positive) and your good to go!


These modern R2R Distributors are a premium quality unit and these ignitions produce superior spark over stock and many other leading aftermarket ignitions, the distributor has a vacuum advance module so are ideal for street and strip performance motor and cruisers alike. (Note: This is not one of the cheaper brand low quality rubbish brands around)







Valiant Steering Columns from $49.00 to $179.00  Good condition for age (May need repaint)


 AP6 Valiant automatic steering column with cable $75.00  
Good condition for age and includes PRND21 selector pointer etc and original knob, chrome column shift stick, and shift cable.  Inner shaft is damaged so use your own if possible. 
(Will NOT fit the very last/late AP6 models with the VC style ones without the cable)


 .  NEW R-VG Chrysler Valiant Steering COUPLING repair KIT $59.00 (Correct reinforced rubber as original)


NEW SV1, AP5 & AP6 six cyl 225 Chrysler/Valiant STEERING REBUILD KIT $379.00 (NOT AP6 V8)
ncludes: 2 Upper and 2 Lower Ball joints. 2 RH Tie Rod Ends, 2 LH Tie Rod Ends, Idler Arm and Pitman Arm. (All highest quality OEM greasable Joints with castellated Nuts and split pins as per original!)

NEW AP6 V8, & all VC Chrysler/Valiant STEERING REBUILD KIT $329.00 (NOT AP6 225 slant six)
ncludes: 2 Upper and 2 Lower Ball joints. 2 RH Tie Rod Ends, 2 LH Tie Rod Ends, Idler Arm and Pitman Arm. (All highest quality OEM greasable Joints with castellated Nuts and split pins as per original!)

. NEW VE, VF, VG Chrysler/Valiant STEERING REBUILD KIT $329.00
(Both Standard and Power Steer Cars)

Includes: 2 Upper and 2 Lower Ball joints. 2 RH Tie Rod Ends, 2 LH Tie Rod Ends, Idler Arm and Pitman Arm. (All highest quality OEM greasable Joints with castellated Nuts and split pins as per original!)


. NEW R, S, VC, VE, VF, VG Chrysler Valiant Steering IDLER ARM $69.00 

R, S, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG, VIP 1960 to 1971

(Contact us for more details)


. NEW VE, VF, VG Chrysler Valiant Steering PITMAN ARM $79.00
(Fits ALL standard steering AND Power Steering cars)

NEW SV1, AP5 & AP6 six cyl Chrysler Valiant Steering PITMAN ARM $129.00  (NOT AP6 V8)



 . NEW(NOS) all Valiant VC, and AP6 V8 only: PITMAN STEERING ARM $85.00  This is older 1970's/80's stock, highest quality type no longer available elsewhere (Either genuine or possibly best aftermarket arm)



. NEW all Valiant VC, and AP6 V8 only: PITMAN STEERING ARM $79.00


SV1, VC, VE, VF, VG Chrysler Valiant 

~ Lower Control Arm Strut Bushes Set (Factory original 1 piece type)

~ Radius Rod / LCA Strut bushes Set
~ Upper Control Arm Bushes Set

     (8 Bushes in Kit, highest quality Rubber OEM as original)



. NEW SET Front Lower Control Arm Strut/ Brake Reaction Rod/ RADIUS ROD Rubber BUSHINGS $49.00 the Pair 
R, S, VC, VE, VF, VG Chrysler Valiant
(2 Bushes) Highest quality OEM



. NEW SET front LOWER CONTROL ARM BUSHES $99.00 the Pair SV1, VC, VE, VF, VG Chrysler Valiant
(2 rubber Bushes, Highest quality OEM)


RV1, SV1, VC, VE, VF, VG Chrysler Valiant
(4 Bushes, Highest quality Rubber OEM)







  ·     VE, VF, VG Valiant Armrest PADS only.   These include the "cool" original stainless steel ash/storage/coin trays.  These were a luxury option that was standard in the rear of some VIPs and 770, Regals.  
Fair to Good for age, $19.00 to $75.00 each depending on condition.


Valiant VE, VF, VG Armrest BASES.  Fair to Good for age, $19.00 to $45.00 each depending on condition

  BRAND NEW valiant ARM REST PADS (black only)  suit VE, VF, VG Valiants.     $149.00 per PAIR to suit front or back.  These completely NEW items are properly moulded in nice comfy spongy rubber like originals and are ready to fit in their original black, which goes with any colour, or could be recoloured or even covered in vinyl to match you interior trim colour exactly if desired. Very nice item and hard to get new elsewhere!  Imported all the way from the USA.  
(Why use old brittle cracked ones?)


 MOUNTS~ Engine/Trans

    Engine mounts, new or some re-usable available (email me with your requests) $ Various prices


 . NEW SV1-AP5-AP6-VC 225 slant six Right Hand side Valiant ENGINE MOUNT $114.00 each  (No longer available from Mackay etc) 

· NEW Valiant SV1-AP5-AP6-VC 225 slant 6 Left Hand side ENGINE MOUNT $114.00 each(Highest quality aftermarket NOS) Will also fit both sides of Valiant AP6 V8 and VC V8 273 and will sit a bit higher which is handy for more steering box clearance

·   NEW Valiant SV1-AP5-AP6-VC TRANSMISSION MOUNT (highest quality aftermarket NOS)   $98.00 each


· NEW VE-VF-VG 225 Valiant R/H ENGINE MOUNT  (highest quality aftermarket NOS)  $59.00 each



 ·  NEW VE-VF-VG 225 L/H engine mount (highest quality aftermarket NOS)   $59.00 each   



·  NEW VG 215, 245, 265 Hemi upright six cylinder Engine Mount (highest quality aftermarket)  $75.00 each


 · NEW Chrysler Valiant VE, VF, VG - 273, 318 V8 regular style rubber engine mounts.   (highest quality aftermarket)   $75.00 each

· NEW Chrysler Valiant VE, VF, VG - 273, 318 V8 rubber Right Hand side engine mounts
$59.00 each  Note: these are higher than standard which allows more room between the steering box and engine oil lines etc, very handy for power steer cars. Will fit L/H side too if desired (highest quality aftermarket NOS)   

·  NEW Valiant VE-VF-VG TRANSMISSION MOUNT (twin stud high quality aftermarket NOS)  $139.00 each



FACTORY 1960 to 1971 R, S, AP5, AP6, VC, VE, VF, VG, VIP Australian Chrysler Valiant PARTS CATALOGUES on CD 


  Southern Hemi 1960 to 1971 Australian Chrysler Valiant full FACTORY PARTS CATALOGUES on CD in common pdf format to suit all computers (Our CDs are far superior to anything else for these Valiants available anywhere, including the original and extremely rare and cumbersome hard copies.  And are much cheaper as the books usually cost you hundreds IF you can find one!!) All the hard work is done for you.  Numbers and words are now all fully searchable!  Just type in or copy & paste in and click enter! (unlike other CDs out there)  Way better, convenient and much quicker than the factory service fiches or anything else ever was! Book marked and Indexed! (Most include a free PDF reader link and a ‘Valiant Parts for sale’ direct website hyperlink on the 1st 'contents' page to conveniently just click and go to instantly find & purchase Parts)
Comprehensive illustrated parts breakdowns, numerical parts listing, alphabetical index, OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT CODES,  full model specifications and vehicle serial number and engine number IDENTIFICATION, PART NUMBERS, DIAGRAMS and MUCH MORE!



  . 1962 to 1970 RV1-SV1-AP5-AP6-VC-VE-VF-VG valiant and VIP PARTS Book CD (includes VF Pacers and 4Bbl E34 VG Pacers etc) A MASSIVE 1,083 PAGES!!  $55.00

.  1960-1972 Chrysler Australia Parts ACCESSORIES CATALOGUE CD. 90 pages  $39.00 
Covers: Chrysler, Valiant, Dodge Phoenix, Dodge trucks,  Desoto, Hillman (including Hunter), Commer, Simca, Galant, Sunbeam.    And includes:

Air Conditioning
Air Scoop (Engine Hood)
Ash Receivers
Badges (Pocket)
Belts (Seat)
Brushes Car (Washing)
Cable (Automotive Electrical)
Cable (Deck Lid Release)
Cable Package (Ignition)
Cables (Battery)
Caps (Fuel Tank Locking)
Clamps (Hose)
Clamps (Exhaust)
Connectors (Trailer Lamp)
Cool Cushions
Covers (Catalogue)
Cover (Spare Wheel)
Cover (Utility - Tonneau)
Deflectors (Exhaust)
Deflectors (Rear Pillars)
Extensions (Exhaust)
Fire Extinguisher
Frames (Number Plates)
Gauges (Oil & Temp)
Gear Change Kit
Glass (Windscreen)
Guards (Bumper)
Guards (Headlamps)
Handles (Door Pull)
Helper Springs
Lighter (Cigar)
Locking Cap (Fuel Tank)
Locks (Engine Hood)
Locks (Gear Lever)
Markers (Rear Quarter)
Mats (Floor)
Max Car Care Products
Pads (Pedal)
Paint (Touch-Up Kits)
Pocket (Door)
Power Brakes
Protector (Windscreen)
Racks (Roof)
Retractor (Seat Belts)
Rope Rails
Screens (Insect)
Sealing Compounds
Shades (Exterior)
Shades (Venetial)
Tape Player
Tow Bars
Tow Rope
Tubing (Nylon & Plastic)
Trim Rings
Washers (Windscreen ) 
Wheel Balan ce Weights 
Wheel Cove r s & Trim Rings 
Wheel Package (Styled)




. 1960 to 1971 Australian Chrysler Valiant full WORKSHOP SERVICE MANUALS on new CD.   Most only $39.00 each 

(Just inform us which model you need and we'll confirm availability)

.  Chrysler etc CARTER CARBURETTOR SERVICE MANUALS CD.  4Bbl AFB AVS, Thermo Quad 2bbl BBD etc etc  $39.00
(Many manuals included!  Basically pretty well everything that ever came out regarding history, build, specs, parts, tuning etc from Chrysler and Carter etc, 1954-1984 and Edelbrock Weber versions thru 2009

1962-1980 Chrysler 3 and 4 Speed manual TRANSMISSION SERVICE MANUALS CD  (U.S. models only)   $39.00  Covers: New Process A833 and A230, A250, A745, A903 transmissions




 Original 'paper' BOOKS   

· AP6 Valiant 225 Owner's Manual Excellent condition for age  $49.00

 VE Valiant 225 slant 6 and 273 V8 Owner's Manual Excellent condition for age $49.00

 VG Valiant 215, 245, hemi 6, 225 slant 6 and 318 V8 Owner's Manual Excellent condition for age $49.00






 Our Mopar Sunday DVDs etc feature some of Australia's best APs, VCs VE, VF, and VG Valiants etc too.   

DVD Sample Clips HERE!DVD Sample Clips HERE!




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Chrysler / Hillman HUNTER PARTS   FOR SALE!    HB, HC, HE 1967-1973

 For BRAND NEW Hunter PARTS, previously impossible to get in Australia! GO TO our ...


Hillman Hunter Parts 


Classic CHRYSLERS FOR SALE too!   Hillman Hunters etc.

   Click on the 'CHRYSLERS FOR SALE' page TAB ON top LEFT for details   



Chrysler Valiants, Dodge D5N/AT4 Truck, HB Hillman Hunter For Sale at Central Coast NSW 2260 Australia) 




* All prices are to be confirmed upon ordering as they can vary according to Current availability, Currency rates and outdated listings etc.

 SINCE 1978 we have worked hard doing the right thing, and earned a reputation (And our family since the 1920's!) as some of the most honest people to deal with in the Classic/Vintage Vehicle scene and we highly value our fellow enthusiast Customers!  So please be assured that we always pack items very carefully, and we personally inspect all items carefully BEFORE dispatch to ensure a quality service.

"WE HAVE A RARE & UNIQUE all-round COMBINATION OF RICH EXPERIENCE" that is perfectly suited to this very niche/ specialised area! As we are also expertly trained & experienced in Packing, vehicle restoration, professional car detailing, complete vehicle dismantling, rebuilding, body/paint work, Sheetmetal work, TV/media camera & sound work video editing etc.  And fully qualified & certified in Engineering/Metal Fabrication/Welding,  
And to top it off, we are even professionally trained & certified in Computer I.T. to improve your experience and security!

 Due to the nature & age of these now Classic/rare vehicles... Generally for most items there are no actual refunds or returns on our parts for sale as even many of the 'new' parts have been shelved for years to ensure good bulk buy prices for best possible pricing & to ensure best stock available on these parts that are often very hard to find at all these days for these niche classics!  And often they are very rare New Old/Obsolete Stock Parts that we have searched the World for over many years using our research and hands-on specialised experience in most of these vehicles & parts accumulated since the 1920s (Most parts have been shelved for decades) Note that specially ordered in, or one off/ not-regularly stocked and advertised items by us, or custom manufactured and/or modified goods are NOT eligible for exchange or credit.

Any returns for credit or exchange will NOT be accepted without prior approval, and ultimately will be decided by us carefully as we see as fair, using our vast experience in these classic/vintage cars and parts.  Any exchange or credit MUST be requested within 14 days of the Invoice/order date and the buyer is responsible for return postage as is standard practice elsewhere. Also goods must be packed safely and returned via a tracked delivery service as a minimum (As they were sent) with the same/original packaging and in unused/resalable condition as we sent them to you. With ALL original bits & pieces that were originally included in the shipment.

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