Best to EMAIL US your list of Parts wanted, and include your exact vehicle Model, Year, Engine size, Transmission type etc in the Heading. Then we will have a look for you, and will email you back with full details including Payment Details once we have sorted your parts.
(Provide your Delivery address including Suburb, Post code and State for a Total including Postage/Freight)  


Or Mob Ph: 0431 183 886 (Between 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Sydney time, most days)

(You will get a much better response VIA EMAIL for parts enquiries)

Many other parts also available but still haven’t been listed at this stage as much is still stored away in boxes awaiting stocktaking, so feel free to just ask...

 Once you have a Total from us including Postage, then...

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There are Two easy ways to PAY or buy our online 'SHOP' Page Products:
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Payment Method 1:

After opening the 'SHOP' page simply just...

1: Enter the Total dollar amount we provide you via email, text message or phone call into the  "Custom priced Item" box.  For example 420 = $420.00 
(ONLY use numbers, NO dollar sign or dots etc)

OR the Quantity of items you require in the box next to another specifically listed shop item. For example: Enter 2 for 2 of the Mopar Sunday-4 DVDs or such. 
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2: Tick the appropriate general checkbox for example "AUTO PARTS"

3: Click 'Add to Cart'   

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7: Fill out your Credit Card information etc EXACTLY to correctly match your CC account details and Click 'Review Order and Continue'





Standard postage is now included FREE for Hot Cars DVDs orders posted within Australia! 

DVDs Boxed or/and Express Postage Upgrades: $5.00 each. 
dd "Custom Priced Item" to your Shop Cart and enter 5 units of Quantity for either/each upgrade. 

In Shop Cart: 1 unit of Quantity= 1. Dollars value
 (Just enter the amount of units that adds up to the amount for any extra Postage Cost or amount we provide or such which will then be added to complete your Order)


Outside Australia
(PayPal / CC only: 

(U.S.A. New Zealand & U.K. only) $29.00 AUD Airmail for up to 4 DVDs.

 You will need to add the Postage that is required for buyers outside Australia.
HOW to do this:
Add 'Custom Priced Item' to your Shop Cart and enter 29 next to 'Quantity' and then 'Add to Cart' (1 unit = 1 Australian Dollar)

In Shop Cart: 1 unit of Quantity= 1. Dollars value (Just enter the amount of units that adds up to the amount for the extra Postage Cost which will be added to your Order)


ALL OTHER NON- U.S. NZ  or U.K. International Buyers: 
Please contact us informing what country you want us to send to and we will give you the amount to enter for postage in 'Custom Priced Item' on the Shopping Cart page

Payment Method 2: 


WESTPAC BANK DEPOSIT is a back-up method only & by special arrangment.

Payment Details:

Deposit at Westpac bank via:

Method 1~ Physical Branch… (Surfaces quickly on same working day)


Method 2~ via internet… (Allow at least 2-3 working days to surface in system depending on your banks system)  Please be aware that "new" payers often take a little longer to process in bank systems.

Just call us on 0431 183 886 between 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Sydney time, most days, for details

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For more information or questions about our products and services, please contact us at the following addresses.

Mob Ph: 0431 183 886  Between 11am - 6pm most days, Sydney time. (Number Format is displayed as dialled Within Australia)

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Southern Hemi Media
PO Box 3605 Wamberal,
New South Wales, Australia 2260


Best and quickest way is to simply...


This will ensure we have recieved your message into our system que to be processed ASAP.

Please understand that we are always busy with many similar orders. So to speed things up: Please include your exact vehicle Model, Year, Engine size, Transmission type etc in the Email Subject Heading so we can uniquely identify yours and what you need efficiently

Email Subject Heading example:

1974 DODGE D5N 200, 4 Spd, Dana 60~ Floor Mat, Cab Rubber Kit etc

(It is also important to Provide your Name & full Delivery address including Suburb, Post code and State for a Total with Postage/Freight so as not to delay your order)

Then we will check stock & availability, packing specs, delivery costs etc, and will email you back with a grand Total and payment details to process your order once we have sorted your items.



Or Ph: 0431 183 886 (Between 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Sydney time, most days)

(You will get a much better response VIA EMAIL for parts enquiries)


* All prices are to be confirmed upon ordering as they can vary according to variables out of our control or outdated listings that haven't finished being updated yet as this is highly time consuming.

SOUTHERN HEMI® is a private family owned/non-profit venture set-up to help offset our own hobby costs, clear out excess old parts from our shelves that we no longer have room for following many decades of collecting, and to assist /support friends and fellow vintage vehicle hobbyists /collectors to find the now rare and very hard to get parts for our old antique/vintage vehicles that we all love, in order to assist in restoration and maintenance and keep the history alive!  

SINCE 1978 we have worked hard doing the right thing, and earned a reputation (And our family since the 1920's!) as some of the most honest people to deal with in the Classic/Vintage Vehicle scene and we highly value our fellow enthusiasts!  So please be assured that we always pack items very carefully, and we personally inspect all items carefully BEFORE dispatch to ensure a quality service.

"WE HAVE A RARE & UNIQUE all-round COMBINATION OF RICH EXPERIENCE" that is perfectly suited to this very niche/ specialised area! As we are also expertly trained & experienced in Packing, vehicle restoration, professional car detailing, complete vehicle dismantling, rebuilding, body/paint work, Sheetmetal work, TV/media camera & sound work video editing etc.  And fully qualified & certified in Engineering/Metal Fabrication/Welding,  
And to top it off, we are even professionally trained & certified in Computer I.T. to improve your experience and security!

 Due to the nature & age of these now Classic/rare vehicles... Generally for most items there are no actual refunds or returns on our parts for sale as even many of the 'new' parts are NOS and have been shelved for years to ensure we got them at best pricing & to ensure best stock available on these parts that are often very hard to find at all these days for these niche classics!  And often they are very rare New Old/Obsolete Stock Parts that we have searched the World for over many years using our research and hands-on specialised experience in most of these vehicles & parts accumulated by our family since the 1920s (Most parts have been shelved for decades) Note that specially ordered in, or one off/ not-regularly stocked and advertised items by us, or custom manufactured and/or modified goods are NOT eligible for exchange or credit and we are non-profit and only really do those to assist fellow enthusiasts while we are clearing everything anyway.

Any returns for credit or exchange will NOT be accepted without prior approval, and ultimately will be decided by us carefully as we see as fair, using our vast experience in these classic/vintage cars and parts.  Any exchange or credit MUST be requested within 14 days of the Invoice/order date and the buyer is responsible for return postage as is standard practice elsewhere. Also goods must be packed safely and returned via a tracked delivery service as a minimum (As they were sent) with the same/original packaging and in unused/resalable condition as we sent them to you. With ALL original bits & pieces that were originally included in the shipment.   Insurance is the buyers responsibility like anywhere else and can be requested on any purchase.  Once sent, items are out of our hands and responsibilty goes to the carrier. and we have no control over this as we are not Couriers or Australia Post.

 * Legal Disclaimer: Any discussion, text, Hints or information whatsoever provided by us on any page of our website or via communication of any sort is purely our own personal opinion from our own experience and is in no way to be considered as official or legal advice or instructions from us in any way. We accept no responsibility or liability in any way whatsoever, and if you don't understand exactly what you are doing and how to do it safely & correctly/best then you should always consult your own experienced and/or qualified person or business for advice or to complete the work.


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